So, as everyone may know...

My blog is a freedom for me. I can express how I feel, share what I think everyone should know, and create a platform for everyone to be able to just 'bloom again'!


To 'bloom again' is to realize that you are beautiful and worth being seen. Just like flowers, we have our seasons of growth and our seasons to bloom. I want to help you identify ways for growth, share and utilize tools that can help lead you to blooming in your best way! 

I'm not an social expert, but I love to meet new people and gain new resources - always!

I'm not a mental health professional, so I live my life to the fullest with the power of prayer - and it works!

I don't claim to be a fashionista, but I love for my outer personal style to reflect my inner self - and

want the same for you! And I'm not a 'bible thumper', but I enjoy listening to and applying the

Word of God to my life. What He does for me, can be done for you!


Don't count yourself out, sis!

What I lack in professional degrees or credentials, I make up for in life experiences with trial and error.

I am here to share my personal experiences, create a blooming community, and support people in

various stages of this life we take for granted.


Here you can explore the many benefits of living a fun, healthy and prosperous life.

My hope is for you to experience spiritual growth, especially through my bible study journal page.

I want you to grow personally by conversing with other women who may have dealt with

similar problems and share lessons on how to grow from them. 


Overcoming Hurt and Finding myself

"I became comfortable living in a box and I forced myself to think it was normal...... until I realized it wasn't. I was dying on the inside and I knew something had to change. In my heart I knew I was worth so much more."

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