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The Goliath, Fatoria (Day 1)

September 24th, I was sitting on a couch watching my husband play Fortnite on the Playstation 3. I wandered what in the world was I doing. In my mind I was doing what I am doing right now, being productive and taken action to make a difference or work on bettering myself. In my mind, I was even walking on the treadmill....You heard my mind....!

See...I began to lose my spark that I had back in June when I first started this journey to really lose my weight. I think somewhere along the way I got comfortable...down to the point that even made me uncomfortable. I knew at that moment something needed to change for the better and permanently.

Sooo. Here we are embarking on a 3 month journey to conquer this Goliath I call Fatoria. Fatoria is a combination of fear and calories. She is a beast! Powerful and the only way I can defeat her is with God and the stepping stones I will have to walk on in order to regain my strength and will power. I know that this will be HARD but I would rather spend three months bettering myself than 5-10 years of my life being snatched from me by Fatoria because I didn't have the guts to do so.

With that being said, here is to a journey I will never forget and that I will never go back to take from the beginning again!

By the way: My day one video never uploaded to YouTube (Tablet died while uploading content)...anyways here is the first video. Feel free to comment on my blog post too! I look forward to the conversation.