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Positioning Is Everything

I believe I posted this quote on January 6, 2019.

I had been in prayer about what was next for my brand and my health and wellness business. I was preparing to make another kit purchase and begin digging deep to find the motivation to keep it consistent to duplicate my results for the previous year!

BUT something amazing happened that literally changed my life in the past few days! 

I watched a video by a top earner in Total Life Changes late around 11:00 p.m. I saw it and she was talking about this spray called Trim 365 it was in a green bottle and she said she sprays it in her mouth before she eats and she has lost weight. She said her friend uses the spray dropped 7.2 pounds in a week.

 My personal testimony is that I have lost 3.6 pounds in 8 days with no exercise and dieting. This week I will be incorporating both!

My mouth dropped because first off she wasn't talking about tea and drops. She was talking about a completely different company. I sat there and my mind was blown. 

But the video just kept getting better because she said the bottle was $28! 

The FIRST thing I thought about was that I was about to go drop $100 + on about 4 products and there is a SPRAY...not a vitamin...not tea I have to brew...but a SPRAY for $28 that can do what I was about to pay for!

Then I thought...I gotta tell my TLC customers about this! I am not lying you all I hit the ground with this one. Joined the company and jumped ship all because I know how expensive TLC was and how lucrative this new company can be! Not to mention my customers can earn free product from referrals and even a discount on what they are buying!!!!! 

So if you are wondering why I just up and left my was all for YOU!

My goal from day 1 was to help people get healthy and find something that works for them! 

With the company my daily choice, I not only can help people who want to lose weight but I can help people with these issues

I am beyond excited now that I have gotten this off my chest and I have made it VERY clear as to why I have been blowing up social media lol!